DirtFish Driving Advice for Inclement Road Conditions

We have entered the cold, wet and snowy season! Well, most of us anyway. Conditions like this can be pretty tough to drive in -- traction is down, the pavement changes quickly and sometimes the car is affected in strange ways. Our partners at DirtFish have put together some helpful information about why it can be tough to drive in wet conditions and how to handle it.


The DirtFish article covers topics such as what happens on the road when it rains and why we typically see more wrecks at that time. There are also some important safety tips for people to consider while driving on wet roads, and information on how different drivetrains handle wet conditions.


Review the article for some good reminders and share the piece with less seasoned drivers you may know. It's great information to keep in mind for any driver heading out in less than ideal conditions.


Check out the full story here and see what else you can learn! And remember, four-wheel drive only helps you with the going part, not necessarily the stopping.


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