Racers360 Announces Helpful Drivers’ App

The off-season can mean many things: rest, relaxation and perhaps finally getting to all the books and magazines we never had time to read. For some of us, it also means replaying every turn and lap in our heads while we try to make a list of what could have gone better. It’s like a motorsports Groundhog Day. Luckily, SCCA’s partners at Racers360 now have an app for that! They are here to help free you from that loop with the launch of their premium content.

Content subscribers will have access to extra in-depth track breakdowns from professional racers. With their turn-by-turn guidance and written notes, you’ll find every second you lost and be well on your way to an extraordinary 2020 season.

In addition to their signature track breakdowns, you’ll be the first to be invited to all their webinars where Racers360 pro coaches teach their techniques and answer questions from viewers live. Subscribers will have access to all webinars after they’re broadcast so you never miss a single helpful hint.

The most exciting feature is the ability to connect and chat with a Racers360 pro coach through their premium dashboard. Prepping for a tough track? Having trouble applying the advice from your coach to your laps?  After your coaching session with a Racers360 coach, the coaches continue to be there for you and help give you that extra boost when you need it!

There are plenty of other great features, so check out all the benefits, previews of their premium content, reviews and how to subscribe at Racers360.com