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I always enjoyed racing, as it started on the old nintendo because of Ivan Ironman Stuarts Super Off-road. I really wasnt into building or buying a "race car" . I did rc racing for about 5 years, and built a few robots, and now enjoy playing Forza and DiRT and doing my job as a maintenance tech for a local warehouse. I had my 2005 Cavalier since it came out years ago. I always wanted to do more with it but since I'm actually one of those "Good" drivers that dont do any thing examples are I got a few tickets for minor infractions like plate lights out and little stuff like that, nothing dumb I dont have alot of money. I figure since it just hit its 100,000 mile birthday, I should try something new. It needs one hell of a makeover under the hood but hey its my second and only car. 

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  • Runoffs Report: Monday Evening

    Runoffs Report: Monday Evening

    The first of four qualifying days is complete at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs®.  But action begins again Tuesday at 8 a.m. Eastern Time when drivers in the 28 different car...Read more
  • Runoffs Report: Monday Afternoon

    Runoffs Report: Monday Afternoon

    Two of the largest car classes at this year’s Runoffs, Spec Miata and Spec Racer Ford Gen3, have made their first on-track appearance at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  With about 100 entries, the SRF3 class was broken into two...Read more
  • The Gang’s All Here!!

    The Gang’s All Here!!

    The 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs are underway for the first time ever at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The opening day of qualifying began under gorgeous, sunny skies.  Temperatures are expected to climb near 90...Read more