Winter Driving Tips from our Friends at DirtFish

In many parts of the country, Mother Nature has seen fit to provide a beautiful winter wonderland in which to play.  But while a blanket of snow and ice may be a playground for some, to others it is a downright scary and dangerous environment to find themselves driving through. Whether this kind of weather brings you joy or trepidation when getting behind the wheel, there is a great resource for those that traverse the slippery stuff!  DirtFish, one of the most prestigious rally schools in all of North America -- and title sponsor of the DirtFish SCCA RallyCross Challenge program and DirtFish SCCA RallyCross Championship -- offers drivers an invaluable tool in the form of their Winter Driving Tips Q&A with DirtFish Instructors.


Recently, DirtFish Senior Instructor Mitch Williams said the following about the need for snow tires vs. relying on all season rubber:


Think of tires as shoes. In the wintertime, you will probably want to wear boots because they provide you with the best traction for the conditions thanks to different materials and more surface are. All season tires are more like a sneaker than a boot. They’ll work both in the dry, as well as the snow, but it’s not the best option and will not perform as well overall. The small price you’ll pay for having a few winter tires around is far better than the large price tag for car damage or potentially even a medical bill!”


More written tips can be found in an article at  Of course, it’s always better to get in-car, in-person instruction.  Thankfully, SCCA members receive 15 percent off any DirtFish school when using the special, members-only code found on the SCCA Member Benefits webpage.  Sign up today to improve winter driving skills and, well, just have some fun sliding around the DirtFish facility in beautiful Snoqualmie, Washington.